How to Properly Organize a Wedding Reception

A wedding is a once in a lifetime event. It’s that one special day that you will want everything to run smoothly. But, how do you organize a wedding reception? Have you ever been to a wedding and the reception was poorly organized? Well, this is something that you definitely don’t want for yourself. Organizing a wedding reception can be stressful. But, with these helpful tips, you will be able to organize a wedding reception that your guests, family or friends won’t ever forget about.

1. Determine your Budget


Once you have set your wedding date, the next step is determining the budget for hosting this event. You should come up with a budget that will accommodate all costs of your wedding. From this budget, you should allocate some money for the wedding reception. The budget for the wedding reception will guide you in finding your wedding reception. You should make a list of cheap wedding decoration ideas for reception so you can focus a majority of the budget on the right factors. 


2. Pick the Right Reception Venue As Early as possible


With the budget at and, you can now begin looking for a venue. Make sure that you do this as soon as possible. You should avoid last-minute rush at all times because you won’t be able to organize the wedding properly. When choosing a wedding reception, consider aspects such as;


  • Will it be an indoor or outdoor reception?
  • Will there be dancing?
  • The parking space.
  • The restroom situation.
  • Is the venue big enough to accommodate all your guests?


These questions will guide you in choosing your reception venue. If it will be outdoor make sure you organize for electricity connection, water supply, and any other relevant services.


3. The Seating Arrangement


Your guests should be comfortable at your wedding reception. The sitting arrangement plays a significant role in the success of any wedding. You can organize for the bride and groom to sit on the “high-table.” The parents can sit on another end with close family members. The other guests such as friends and colleagues can sit on another side. Be sure that there are some seats reserved for the elderly in a place where there is minimal commotion.


4. The Food needs to Be Amazing


The food is very important. You don’t want your guests to be gloomy all evening long. Therefore, make sure that your food game is on point. Look for a reputable and professional catering company that will prepare delicious meals for you and your guest. Make sure that you also satisfy your guests sweet tooths with some treats. You can opt for a buffet or plated meals to be served on the table. Set aside a cake table at an area where everyone will be able to see comfortably.


5. Make The Reception Lively and Fun


You should keep your guests entertained, and you can only do that by livening up the reception. You can hire a band/ DJ/ Musician to play during dinner. And if there will be some dancing then make sure that there is enough room for your guests to dance.


The above are five tips on how to properly organize a wedding reception. Don’t also forget to neatly decorate it with flowers, candles and anything else that will put a smile on your guests.